School Therapist & Educator Staffing

You’re passionate about your job helping students with special needs achieve academic and social success—and so are we! Whether you’re an SLP, PT/OT, SPED professional, school counselor, teacher, or paraprofessional, we recognize that your work improves academic achievement, promotes positive behavior, supports diverse learners and strengthens family-school relationships. It’s our purpose to help you and your students succeed.

Education Jobs


The Perks

Not only are there perks at the school where you’re hired, but Aequor takes care of you, too! A few reasons you’ll want us working for you:

Dedicated Recruiters

Your partner & guide for navigating the career journey that’s right for you.

Self-Service Technology

Aequor Talent Portal is your all-in-one career companion from job search to on-the-job.

21+ Years of Experience

Long-standing relationships with hundreds of public & charter schools nationwide.

Advocacy & Support

24/7 service, high-touch relationships, mentorship & clinical support.

School Jobs Pay & Benefits

Learn more about school therapist & education specialist pay & benefits. Fast and accurate, we handle all the details while you’re on assignment, so you can make your students your priority.




Bonus Pay


Day One Insurance Benefits

DAY ONE Insurance
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Accident & short-term disability
Other Benefits
  • 401k after first year
  • Credentialing assistance
  • Relocation assistance
  • Travel contracts
  • Monthly discipline-specific webinars with school-based professionals



Depending on the location of your assignment, you may be eligible for additional reimbursements. Contact a recruiter to learn more.

  • Travel
  • Meals/Housing
  • CEUs
  • Classroom materials


Tax Benefits

Tax laws vary depending upon where you live & where you work, so we recommend consulting with a tax professional.

Bonus Pay

Potential Bonuses

Depending on the location of your assignment, you may be eligible these bonuses. Contact a recruiter to learn more.

  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Completion bonuses
  • Referral bonuses up to $1,500 each hire

Search Job Opportunities in Schools

Education Jobs

Teaching, Therapy, Behavioral Health & Support Services Jobs in Schools

Since its inception in 1998, Aequor has been at the forefront of offering superior workforce staffing solutions across multiple industries, with a special focus on healthcare and education. Our expertise extends to matching highly qualified healthcare and education professionals with opportunities that match their skills and dedication to student and patient growth, ensuring schools and health facilities find the top-tier talent they need.

Our comprehensive approach to school staffing services is crucial for creating an inclusive educational environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive. Aequor is dedicated to supporting educators in their career growth and offers opportunities to join an empowering network that values your dedication to fostering student success.

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ASL Interpreter
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Our Hiring Process


Complete your Aequor Talent Portal profile, find & apply for your next job with one click.


Skip the line & connect with a recruiter—your advocate & guide in qualifying for submission to hiring managers.


Work with your recruiter on the skills checklist, licensing & certification docs & submit to openings you’re interested in.


Meet with the hiring managers of top facilities & make sure this is the right job for you.


Receive a job offer with our congratulations! Accept the offer & start your career with Aequor.


to the Aequor Family! Do what you love & love what you do.


Support & Be Supported

The best advice comes from those who've learned the hard way. Join Aequor’s Traveler Community—support each other and be supported. Share stories, lessons learned, resources and your passion for travel nursing.

  • Read Aequor Perspectives: We love to hear and share your traveler stories!
  • Read Advice from Recruiters: Aequor recruiters share their top tips for travelers.
  • Meet other Aequor Travelers through our social communities!

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FAQs Answered

What are travel educators or school-based travelers?

Traveling school workers are educators who move between different schools or to fill temporary teaching or support staff positions. These professionals provide continuity in education by stepping in when regular teachers are unavailable. Traveling school workers may be on short-term or school-year-long contracts. They play a crucial role in ensuring that students receive quality instruction even during staffing shortages or transitions.

What education jobs do you staff?

THERAPY: SLP, OT, PT, Teletherapy
BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Psychologist, BCBA, Social Worker, RBT, BI

What does it take to work for Aequor in schools?

  • 1+ years school-based experience
  • Active license or certification (depending on profession)
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Must be 50+ miles from permanent residence to qualify for stipends and reimbursements

What can I expect from a travel assignment with Aequor Education?

When you become a school-based professional, you have an exciting opportunity to travel all over the country and make a difference in communities outside of your own. You will be rewarded with competitive compensation, monthly living stipends, state license reimbursements and daily meal allowances, in addition to having a positive impact on those who need it most—our kiddos!

How long are Aequor’s school assignments?

Contract assignment vary in length but most are typically set up for one entire school year (180+ days or 36-40 weeks).

Why School Providers Choose Aequor

5.0 ⭐ Great company to work for!! Very responsive, supportive, and helpful. I'm a retired educator who wanted to try something new and my recruiter listened to me and talked me through the process of being a travel teacher. She was with me every step of the way and the whole experience has just been wonderful!!

Karyn W. - Teacher

5.0 ⭐ As a paraprofessional in this company, I could assure that Aequor has done nothing but be supportive to me. Every day is different working with students, and it is very fulfilling to know that my work does make a difference. Compensation is good, and management is flexible and understanding! As long as there is communication, they can work with anything!

Diego M. - Paraprofessional

5.0 ⭐ Aequor was able to find me a terrific placement. I love my work and Aequor was able to help me get the compensation I needed to be able to support my family and do what I love. The culture is one of compassion and hard work. Everyone works hard for everyone else with no expectation of reward.