Aequor – Where Passion Meets Purpose

In the heart of every dream is the desire to make a difference, to touch lives profoundly. At Aequor, we’re more than a company; we’re a family united by a goal to spread care and compassion throughout the healthcare industry.

Aequor is where passion meets purpose, where challenges become opportunities for growth, learning, and love. It’s here we find joy in helping others achieve their dreams, in being part of recovery and resilience stories.

To those who dream of making a difference, who believe in the power of care, Aequor is your haven. Here, we cherish your passion, celebrate your dedication, and nurture your love for what you do.

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Join the Aequor Family

Year after year, Aequor is awarded for being one of the best places to work—for the candidates we place in assignments all over the country as well as our internal team—the Aequor Family.

The vibrant culture of community and support that welcomes each new team member is the same culture that makes them want to stay. We understand that we’re better in collaboration rather than competition, so we build each other up, respect each other, and show up for one another. We especially love the team-building events we do several times a year, such as the multicultural luncheon.

Aequor Multicultural Luncheon March 3, 2023

Aequor Multicultural Luncheon March 3, 2023

annual employee appreciation BBQ 2023allied austin team building activity

Aequor leadership trains employees to nurture positive and supportive relationships with our clients and candidates by nurturing positive and supportive relationships with each other—from the desk level to the C-suite.

We believe in making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve by inspiring people and empowering growth both personally and professionally, which makes us better as individuals and as a company.


Aequor Family employee appreciation

Annual Employee Appreciation BBQ 2023

Do what you love.

Love what you do.

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Aequor Careers

Aequor fosters a supportive work environment that values collaboration, teamwork, and employee well-being. We provide professional development opportunities, mentorship and a positive company culture that promotes growth, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Pay & Benefits

Competitive pay packages, 401K, bonuses

DAY ONE Insurance

Medical, dental, vision, life, accident/disability

Team Support

Regular team building, professional development

Other Benefits

Generous PTO, holiday pay, recognition & rewards

Current Opportunities

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Employee of the Month Award
Aequor Secret Santa Celebration 2022
Aequor Team Building NY Giants Football Game 2022
Aequor Education Team Building Event Nashville, TN April 2023
Aequor Team Building Event Soccer Game 2022

What Our Employees Are Saying

Working at Aequor has been the best job I have had. Your hard work is recognized and rewarded. I could not ask for a better team! Between the communication and support I receive; I look forward to coming to work every morning. I have learned so much with this company and I look forward to continuing to grow with them.

Our team is great about keeping each other motivated and accountable, with constant goals and recognition when they are met. We have team building meetings to encourage a positive work environment. We have freedom with staffing different disciplines, creating more opportunity for building expertise and book of business.

I was recruited from another staffing company and I couldn't be happier with the choice to come to Aequor. My direct supervisor has always put their team first to ensure we are taken care of. The team truly works together to make sure we do team events and get together even though the internal team is all remote all over the country.