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Learn more about travel nurse pay and benefits, how to become an RN traveler, requirements for nursing travel and Aequor’s newest travel nursing assignments. With Aequor, you can enjoy the freedom to advance your nursing career and travel the country, all while earning and learning. Live the traveler life, expand your skill set, gain on-the-job experience, meet new people and explore new locations every few months as a traveling nurse with Aequor.


The Perks

Not only are there perks at the facility where you’re hired, but Aequor takes care of you, too! A few reasons you’ll want us working for you:

Dedicated Recruiters

Your partner & guide for navigating the career journey that’s right for you.

Self-Service Technology

From job search to on-the-job, Aequor Talent Portal is your all-in-one traveler companion.

High Pay & Great Benefits

Earn more as a traveler, plus stipends, tax breaks & day one insurance benefits.

Advocacy & Support

24/7 team support & our Director of Nursing advocates for you on assignment.

Travel Nurse Pay & Benefits

Learn more about travel nurse pay and benefits packages. Fast and accurate, we handle all the details while you’re on assignment, so you can make your patients your priority.




Tax Breaks


Competitive Pay Packages

Based upon your specialty, location and other benefits

Weekly direct deposit

Sick days/PTO (some facilities)

Potential Bonuses
  • Completion/Attendance Bonuses
  • Extra Time Compensation
  • Referral Bonuses up to $1,500 each hire



DAY ONE Insurance
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Accident & short-term disability
Other Benefits
  • 401k after first year
  • Credentialing assistance
  • CEU/Tuition reimbursement
  • Professional development opportunities


Stipends & Reimbursements

Depending on the location of your assignment, you may be eligible to receive part of your compensation in tax-free stipends for housing & meals. Contact a recruiter to learn more.

  • Meals
  • Travel
  • Housing

Tax Breaks

Tax Breaks

Tax laws vary depending upon where you live & where you work, so we recommend consulting with a tax professional.

Benefits & Advantages of Travel Nursing

Overall, being a travel nurse offers a unique and rewarding career path with numerous benefits and advantages, including travel adventures, professional growth, higher earning potential, flexibility, exposure to diverse clinical settings, opportunities for networking, learning, personal growth and fulfillment, and enhanced work-life balance.

travel nurse adventures

Adventure & Personal Fulfillment

Travel nurses have the flexibility to choose assignments in different cities and states, which allows them to mix work and play while experiencing diverse cultures and environments. Exploring new places, meeting new people, and helping patients in different communities can be personally rewarding and provide a sense of purpose and satisfaction, which are all excellent remedies for nurse burnout.

travel nurse professional growth

Professional Growth

Travel nursing can provide opportunities for professional growth and development. By working in different healthcare facilities with diverse patient populations and various levels of care, a travel nurse can expand their skill set and knowledge base. This can boost their resume and make them more marketable in future career pursuits.

travel nursing networking opportunities

Networking & Professional Connections

Working with different healthcare professionals allows travel nurses to build a professional network, which can open doors to future career opportunities. Building connections with fellow nurses, physicians, and other healthcare staff can also provide a support system while working in new and unfamiliar environments.

travel nursing pay & benefits

Higher Earning Potential

Travel nurses often earn higher pay rates compared to permanent staff nurses. Along with competitive salaries, travel nurses may receive stipends for meals and housing, travel reimbursements, and bonuses, all of which can increase their overall earning potential.

travel nursing schedule flexibility

Flexibility & Independence

Travel nursing offers flexibility in terms of assignment duration, scheduling, and location. Travel nurses can have more control over their work-life balance and enjoy the freedom to take breaks between assignments or take time off to pursue personal interests.

travel nursing jobs diverse clinical settings

Exposure to Diverse Clinical Settings

Travel nurses have the opportunity to work in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and specialty units. This allows them to gain exposure to diverse clinical settings and develop a well-rounded skill set.

travel RN personal growth

Personal Growth

Travel nursing can foster personal growth by helping nurses develop resilience, adaptability, and independence. It can also promote personal self-discovery and cultural awareness by immersing nurses in different communities and allowing them to learn from diverse patient populations.

travel nursing career development & learning opportunities

Learning Opportunities

Adapting to different healthcare systems, policies, and procedures can broaden a travel nurse’s knowledge and experience, making them more versatile and flexible as healthcare professionals.

travel nurse work-life balance

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Travel nurses can choose assignments with schedules that suit their preferences. This can allow them to spend quality time with family and friends or pursue personal interests, leading to a better work-life balance and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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Why Travel Nurses Choose Aequor

As a first-time traveler, Aequor was very helpful in finding exactly what I wanted. My recruiter went above and beyond... She was so personal and checked in on me throughout the week.

Hannah O. - ER RN, Florida

Aequor & my recruiter, Leanne, made my first travel assignment a breeze. Great company to work with!

Taylor V. - L&D RN, Florida

I think Aequor must be a wonderful company by the way I’ve been taken care of. I feel so thankful that I was able to find a job with such an amazing recruiter!!!

Sierra B. - L&D RN, Utah

FAQs Answered

What is travel nursing?

Travel nursing is a profession in which registered nurses accept temporary assignments in various healthcare facilities across different locations. These short-term assignments (usually 13 weeks) allow nurses to explore different cities or regions while gaining diverse clinical experience. Travel nurses often enjoy higher pay rates, a weekly meal and housing stipend, and travel reimbursements as part of their compensation packages.

What are the requirements to become a travel nurse?

  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience as an RN with recent specialty experience in the last 12 months
  • Active, unencumbered license or certification
  • Minimum of two professional supervisor references

How can I expedite my nursing license in all states?

You can apply for a “compact license” that is honored in 40 states and jurisdictions under the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). Your permanent residence must be in a compact state, otherwise you’ll need to apply for a license in the state where you wish to work. For more information about state licensing and certification requirements, visit our Licensing Map that includes links and details by discipline.

Nurse Licensure Guidance – Tool for state-specific nurse licensure guidance
Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) –NLC member states and links to states’ nursing regulatory boards
Nursys® – Look up and verify your RN license status

What are the eligibility requirements for travel stipends? 

  • Travel more than 50 miles from permanent residence where you file taxes
  • Duplicate expenses (paying for housing in two places)
  • Work in one location no more than a year.

What’s the best way to find travel nurse housing?

There are multiple ways travelers secure housing. One of the most important considerations is to do your research before committing to a lease. Learn more from Nurse Ann Marie in our article, “Housing from a Veteran’s Perspective.” Other resources: Furnished Finder or The Gypsy Nurse Facebook Housing Group

What about traveling with my family & pets?

The traveler life works for many families—whether you’re just bringing a partner or the whole package—kids, dogs, cats and the hamster—it’s your housing that will be the determining factor in who you decide to bring along. Find pet & family-friendly options through Furnished Finder or The Gypsy Nurse Facebook Housing Group.