About Us

About Us


What We Do

Aequor Technologies is a Global IT solutions and consulting company
serving businesses of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

Banking & Financial
Energy & Utilities
Media & Entertainment
Life Sciences

We combine cutting-edge IT expertise for software development with personalized service and customized solutions not always available from larger entities. This allows us to create relationships with our clients that evolve into long-term partnerships.

We are both a local and global company. Our entire management team is located in the United States and we maintain operations in both the U.S. and India to provide 24-hour service and support. Our consultants are locally based and fit well with any client culture.

More than 90 percent of our business comes through referral or repeat business. This customer loyalty reflects our reputation for delivering projects on time and within cost, all the time.

More than 90% of
our business comes
through referrals and
repeat business

We provide IT Software Applications Services Solutions that fulfill client needs both today and tomorrow. IT capabilities and infrastructures are essential for businesses to survive and thrive. Yet investment is prohibitive and in-house resources rarely remain current. Aequor provides the core IT expertise, infrastructure and support necessary to enable businesses to succeed and mitigate risk.

Our Right-Shore Model offers clients a balanced combination of local, national and international resources and support that allows them to maximize their IT capabilities.

We also provide Consulting Service Solutions that allow clients to build on-site teams that are cohesive and effective. Because our consultants are local, they quickly mesh with a client’s business environment. Comprehensive screening ensures both exceptional expertise and a high acceptance and retention of our consultants, strengthening ongoing relationships.

We begin every
client engagement
careful listening

How We Are Different

We are unique.
Innovative in developing customized solutions for each client yet disciplined
to ensure timely and successful results.

We are flexible.
Conform to our clients and their needs.

We are collaborative.
Partner with our clients and contribute to their long-term success.

We are entrepreneurial.
Understand the importance of committing to continual improvement.

Aequor Value Proposition – A Partnership Approach

  • U.S. based company leveraging India’s offshore capabilities
  • End to end IT Solutions provider
  • Domain expertise to meet business challenges
  • Partnership approach and cultural compatibility to foster long-term relationships
  • Outstanding quality and flexibility in engagement
  • Personalized service
  • Pilot approach as opposed to big bang approach leading to reduced risk
  • Senior level staff employed for Software Development resulting in high productivity and less training
  • No rotation of staff policy which helps in retaining knowledge

Our Approach

With each moment a new wave of change flows
into business arenas throughout the global economy, creating eddies of new
opportunities and challenges alike.

Through a our unique business model –
personalized service, partnership
and a balance of local and global resources –
Aequor brings calm, smooth waters
to our clients’ operations.

Our distinct business approach interconnects our core expertise
in IT solutions and consulting
with a commitment to customized solutions.
This ensures successful results by mitigating risks –
thereby creating ongoing partnerships as Aequor collaboratively delivers
added value to client top line and bottom line, today and tomorrow.

Other Aequor Companies

Aequor Healthcare

Aequor Healthcare Services is a US based healthcare personnel provider that specializes in staffing physicians, therapists, nurses, technologist and aides.

Aequor Healthcare Services was launched in 2001 to cater to the growing needs of the healthcare industry. With it’s highly effective hiring and placement procedure, Aequor Healthcare Services is now considered to be one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the industry. Aequor Healthcare is certified by The Joint Commission. This certification acknowledges Aequor Healthcare’s compliance with the Joint Commission’s national set of consensus-based quality standards.

For more information, please visit www.aequorhc.com