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Our personalized, seamless process of learning about you as a provider—your specialty, availability, desired assignment locations and what you love about your role as a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, CRNA, or other advanced practice provider—is just part of Aequor’s unique locum tenens practice. We have an even deeper level of familiarity with the many facilities we’ve worked with for years, which helps us connect you professionally and culturally with the right assignments for you and your patients.

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Our Secret Sauce

We know our client facilities inside & out. We only work with those that value our providers as much as we do. Here are a few more reasons you’ll want us working for you:

Stellar Reputation

Decades-long partnerships with top facilities, high locum-to-perm rates, award-winning workplace.

Premier Service

Prequalified from CV, prepopulated forms, we handle all licensure/credentialing applications.

The Right Fit

Personalized match of your skills, availability & goals with the assignment & facility that’s right for you.

Advocacy & Support

24/7 service, fast payroll, high-quality, high-touch relationships, your advocate on assignment.

Working with Aequor Locums

Year after year, we are awarded as a top staffing company—for the providers we place nationwide and for our internal team members. Your Aequor experience matters to us.



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Competitive Pay

  • Weekly direct deposit
  • Travel & lodging covered 100%
  • Earn 30-45% more than staff positions
  • Self-employed, 1099 independent contractor status


Flexible Schedule

Our universal facility scheduling service with real-time updates through a mobile app makes it easy to get the shifts you want & know immediately of any changes.

You Decide When & Where to Work
  • Take a temporary and/or part-time position
  • Moonlight for extra money
  • Try out an assignment before you commit
  • Accept a permanent position with continued Aequor services & support

Telemedicine Jobs

Telemedicine Jobs

Aequor connects you with assignments for providers who can meet virtually with patients being seen in person at facilities across the country. No special equipment or software needed. With a computer, webcam, microphone & a solid internet connection, you can provide high-quality patient care from your home or office.

Our Physicians

Distinguished Physicians

We love to recognize our locums who go above and beyond the call of duty. Aequor Locums is proud to recognize these Distinguished Physicians.

Advantages of Locum Tenens vs. Staff Role

As a CRNA, nurse practitioner, physician, physician assistant or other advanced practice provider, there are several advantages to choosing a locum tenens role compared to a staff position. Here are some key benefits for locum tenens providers:

Locum Tenens offers flexibility to enjoy family, travel, self-care

Flexibility of Locums Tenens

Locum tenens positions provide a high level of flexibility in terms of when and where you work. As a locum provider, you have the freedom and independence to choose your schedule and the facilities where you work. This can be beneficial for individuals who desire a better work-life balance, or wish to explore various healthcare settings, or have more time for family, social engagements, travel and self-care.

locums exposure to different facilities & teams

Diverse Experience

Compared to the single environment of a staff position, working as a locum tenens provider allows you to gain exposure to different healthcare facilities and teams, patient populations, and clinical practices, which can keep you engaged and promote continuous learning. This broadens your clinical experience and enhances your patient care skills, making you a more versatile and adaptable healthcare professional.

locum tenens excellent compensation

Competitive Compensation

As a locum tenens professional, you can earn higher rates of pay compared to your full-time counterparts. Aequor Locums has tremendous negotiating power with healthcare facilities, and we advocate for your interests. Additionally, you’ll receive compensation for travel expenses and housing, which can further enhance your income.

locum tenens provider focus is patient care

Reduced Administrative Burden & Office Politics

Staff positions typically come with administrative responsibilities and paperwork related to running a clinic or department, not to mention the internal politics. In contrast, locum tenens providers aren’t burdened with these tedious administrative tasks or workplace drama, allowing you to focus on patient care.

locum tenens trying different practice settings

Testing a Practice Setting

If you’re uncertain about your long-term career goals or the type of healthcare facility you’d prefer to work in, locum tenens offers an excellent opportunity to test different practice settings before committing to a permanent position.

locum tenens networking & support system

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

Locum tenens positions allow you to build a broad professional network across different healthcare facilities, which can be valuable for future career opportunities or collaborations. Plus, getting to know your colleagues and other providers across multiple settings provides you with a support system if you’re away from your home base temporarily.

Become an Aequor Locum Tenens

Our Hiring Process


Speak with a recruiter about your specialty, availability & desired shifts, facilities or destinations.


Our team gets to work finding the best match of assignments & facilities that meet your criteria.


Send us your CV, licensure & certification documents, we assemble & present your submission package to facilities.


Meet with the hiring managers of top facilities & make sure this is the right assignment for you.


Receive a job offer with our congratulations! Accept the offer & start your career with Aequor.


to the Aequor Family! Do what you love & love what you do.

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Your Workforce Partner

Since 1998, Aequor has provided exceptional workforce staffing services in multiple industries. Committed to the highest standards for sourcing, qualifying, training and retaining the best talent, Aequor is invested in our longstanding, high-touch, high-quality relationships with clients and candidates.

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Locum Tenens Universal Scheduling

Taking the scheduling burden off facilities & providers so your focus is back on patient care.

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We'd love to partner with you in fulfilling your locum tenens needs.


Support & Be Supported

The best advice comes from those who've learned the hard way. Join Aequor’s Traveler Community—support each other and be supported. Share stories, lessons learned, resources and your passion for travel nursing.

FAQs Answered

What is locum tenens?

Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means “one who holds the place (of another).” Locum tenens refers to physicians or advanced practice providers (APPs) who temporarily fill in for other medical staff at healthcare facilities. Locums assignments can range from a few days to several months, allowing healthcare facilities to maintain continuity of care.

Locum tenens practitioners enjoy flexibility in their schedules and the opportunity to work in various settings without the long-term commitment of a permanent position. In addition to these advantages, locum tenens providers often receive greater compensation packages, which may include higher hourly rates, weekly stipends, and travel reimbursements.

What are the benefits of working locum tenens?

  • Flexible schedule
  • Earn supplemental income
  • Travel while getting paid
  • Experience different practice settings
  • Provide care to under-served areas
  • Reduce administrative headaches
  • Focus on patient care

Why should I choose Aequor Locum Tenens?

Our personal-touch recruiting team is dedicated to understanding your interests and finding the right fit for you. We truly value the relationship piece of locum tenens and work closely together every step of the way.

How do I get licensed in the state where the assignment takes place?

Our in-house credentialing and licensing experts facilitate every step of the process for you to be fully credentialed and privileged with your facility, including new licenses if needed.

What about housing and travel accommodations?

We take care of it all. Based on length of assignment and location, our team coordinates everything—airfare, rental car, reservations, hotel, extended stay, vacation rentals, and other necessary accommodations.

What about pay & employment benefits?

As a 1099 independent contractor, you would not be eligible for employment benefits. Along with your weekly direct deposit and medical liability insurance, Aequor is also responsible for your travel and lodging expenses.

Why Locum Providers Choose Aequor

Becoming a Locum Tenens physician for the first time, Aequor’s Locum Connections helped me work for the Native American/Alaska Native community which has been a longtime wish fulfilled thanks to their assistance.

Dr. D – Psychiatrist, Arizona

I feel Aequor’s Locum Connections is the best place for me and I imagine that it would for most physicians who are willing to work hard and wish to develop long lasting relationships.

Dr. F – Hospitalist, North Carolina

I have had a working relationship with Aequor’s Locum Connections for over 7 years. This is a business conducted ethically that cultivates lasting relationships and creates a conducive environment for excellent patient care.