Feb 10, 2023

Advice for SLPs & School Specialists from an Education Recruiter

speech language therapist working with student

Helping students is every educator’s top priority. No one understands this better than Aequor’s education recruiter, Emily T., who began her professional career as a special education teacher. A move to a different state prompted Emily to find a career where she could still help support school staff, which is what led her to Aequor and education recruiting. Here are some of Emily’s top tips for school speech therapists and educators.

Understand Your Role as an Educator

If you are new to the placement, ask questions! What is the curriculum? Will you be writing IEPs? What are the diverse needs of your caseload? Many virtual platforms offer free or low-cost professional development courses, which can also count towards those pesky CEUs! Ask your administration or recruiter how you can stay current on the industry knowledge or visit SpeechTherapyPD.com for up-to-date information.

Stay Organized

organized educator with calendar plannerDevelop a system for organizing paperwork, upcoming meetings, and materials… and stick to it! Whether you prefer a classic planner or you’re venturing into virtual platforms like the much-loved Planbook, be sure to delegate time throughout the week to maintain the process that works best for you. Keep it fun by incorporating bright labels, energetic patterns, and Emily’s favorite—virtual post-its!

Be Flexible

Life comes at you fast… or so we’ve been told. Remember, this is a student-driven process and outcomes can’t be forced. Prioritize connections over lessons. Your time is your biggest commodity and it is okay to have an off-day. Who knows, maybe it could be the next topic of your social skills group!

Embrace Mindfulness

school specialist practicing mindful yogaRecent studies show that educators have the highest rate of burnout in the U.S. Many school specialists and SLPs are tasked with a caseload averaging 50 students (or more!). Over the span of 20 years, that equals 1,000 lives that can be positively impacted by your commitment, mastery of content, and patience.

Save yourself from burnout by taking care of you first. Challenge yourself to set aside a few moments throughout your day to embed mindful breathing techniques, yoga and stretching postures, or catch up with your favorite colleague. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

At Aequor we love that your passion is helping your students. If you are ready to find your next assignment, let our recruiters take the stress off of you. Browse our open positions and get connected with one of our dedicated recruiters, like Emily, by visiting the Aequor Talent Portal. Read our article, Advice for Travelers from Allied Recruiters, for other great tips and tricks from an insider’s perspective.

Before joining the Aequor Family as a schools recruiter, Emily T. worked for ten years in special education where she was instrumental in collaborating with a diverse professional team and developing and implementing portfolios for learners with unique needs. She has advanced degrees in Behavior Management and Applied Behavioral Analysis. Thanks for the great advice for SLPs and school specialists from our education recruiter, Emily!


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