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Aequor Schools offers unique opportunities for specialized teachers who are integral to the educational and personal growth of students with unique learning needs. We place TVIs who aid students with visual impairments, TDHHs providing specialized instruction and support to students with hearing impairments, SPED teachers educating students with diverse learning requirements, and GenEd professionals teaching outside of special education.






Special Education (SPED) Teacher

Special Education Teachers play a crucial role in the academic and personal development of students with diverse learning needs. Their work involves collaborating with parents, other teachers, and professionals like school counselors and psychologists to ensure a comprehensive support system. These educators are dedicated to adapting curriculum, teaching methods, and classroom resources to provide a nurturing and effective learning environment for their students.

Join Aequor and embark on a transformative journey as a SPED Teacher who makes a difference in the lives of children nationwide. From large public-school systems to charter schools and more intimate districts, we offer a diverse array of SPED teaching opportunities. Demand for special education teachers is high, and Aequor is your ultimate destination for a fulfilling career in this field. Whether you aspire to work in rural communities, urban settings, or even pursue online teaching, we’ll place you where your heart desires. Discover the countless benefits of joining Aequor, where compassion, patience, and a passion for helping others thrive.

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General Education (GenEd) Teacher

Join Aequor and unlock unparalleled teaching opportunities tailored to your career aspirations. With our extensive network spanning public and charter school districts nationwide, we can facilitate your career aspirations in general education (GenEd). Since a majority of our teaching jobs are in special education (SPED), what we mean by GenEd is teaching anything that is not in the realm of SPED. Whether you’re a grade-level educator or you specialize in a particular subject, we can put you to work if you have an active teaching certificate and at least one year of experience.

Expect unwavering support as you shape young minds and make a lasting impact. Whether you’re looking for a contract teaching position in your preferred location or crave the flexibility of online instruction, we’re committed to helping you find your perfect position. Dive into a fulfilling role where you inspire students to excel while honing your curriculum delivery skills. Take the next step with Aequor for a rewarding teaching experience knowing your contributions shape future generations.

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Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TDHH)

Teachers for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provide direct instruction, develop individualized education plans, and use specialized technology to support the learning of students with hearing impairments. These educators work closely with students, families, and other professionals to ensure that each child’s unique needs are met, fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and socially.

Join Aequor in fulfilling and impactful work as a TDHH. If you’re all about ensuring accessibility and effective communication within the learning environment, schools across the nation are seeking dedicated specialists like you to fill essential roles. Let Aequor match you with the perfect contract teaching position, where you’ll have the opportunity to enhance the lives of young people who rely on your support. Explore our available teaching jobs today and embark on a rewarding career journey with Aequor.



Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TSVI/TVI)

A Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments plays a crucial role in the educational development of students who are blind or have visual impairments. They provide specialized instruction and services tailored to meet the unique needs of these students, ensuring they have access to the curriculum and can participate fully in school activities. TVIs collaborate with other educators to adapt the learning environment and materials with the goal to foster independence and support for the academic and social success of their students.

Let Aequor assist you as you embark on a deeply fulfilling career journey as a TVI professional, where you hold the key to more than just education—you empower students with visual impairments to succeed. Our available job openings welcome passionate educators to fulfill critical roles, providing specialized instruction and compassionate support tailored to the unique needs of each student. Join the Aequor family today as you continue your dedication to inspiring your students to thrive.

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