Dec 19, 2023

Balancing Travel Nursing and the Holidays

Travel Nursing during the Holidays

Travel nurses are accustomed to embracing new adventures and juggling unique and busy work schedules. However, the holiday season can present unique challenges for those balancing the demands of travel nursing with the desire to celebrate and connect with loved ones. Here are some tips and strategies to help you navigate this delicate balance during the festive season.

Embrace Flexibility

Travel Nursing during the HolidaysOne of the key attributes of successful travel nurses is adaptability. During the holidays, flexibility becomes even more critical. Embrace the unpredictability of your schedule and anticipate potential changes. Before accepting an assignment over the holidays, communicate proactively with your Aequor recruiter or facility your expected days off, allowing you to plan your holiday commitments accordingly. Being open to last-minute schedule adjustments can alleviate stress and enable you to make the most of your time both at work and during celebrations.

Plan Ahead

Strategize and plan ahead to make the most of the holiday season. Coordinate with your family and friends to schedule gatherings or celebrations during your days off or between shifts. Utilize technology to stay connected with loved ones, especially if distance prevents in-person visits. Share your schedule as soon as it’s available, enabling everyone to understand your availability and plan activities accordingly. Creating a plan in advance will allow you to be a part of cherished holiday moments.

Embrace Festive Traditions

While working away from home, incorporating your usual holiday traditions into your travel nursing experience can foster a sense of familiarity and warmth. Consider decorating your temporary living space, whether it’s putting up lights, a small tree, or displaying festive decorations. To help foster a sense of holiday camaraderie at work, organize a potluck or fun gift exchange, or add some decorations to the nurses’ station!

Explore Local Festivities

5 of the Best Cities for Travel Jobs During the HolidaysEach location offers unique holiday experiences. Take advantage of your assignment’s location by exploring local festivities and traditions. Research community events, holiday markets, or cultural celebrations happening nearby. Immerse yourself in the local customs, which not only enriches your experience but also creates lasting memories during your travel nursing journey. Check out our recommendations for 5 of the Best Cities for Healthcare Travel Jobs During the Holidays.

Self-Care Matters

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, don’t overlook self-care. As a travel nurse managing demanding work schedules and holiday festivities, you must prioritize your well-being. Ensure you get enough rest, maintain a balanced diet, and find time for activities that rejuvenate you. Consider indulging in activities like yoga, meditation, or simply taking a peaceful stroll to look at holiday lights to recharge your batteries amidst the busyness. For more self-care ideas, read our article Nurturing Mental Health and Well Being as a Healthcare Traveler.


Balancing life while travel nursing during the holidays presents a unique set of challenges, but with the right approach and mindset, it can also be a fun and festive time. Embrace flexibility, explore local festivities, incorporate traditions, and prioritize self-care to strike a balance between professional responsibilities and festive celebrations. By doing so, you can create cherished holiday memories amidst your travel nursing assignment.

If you’re searching for your next travel assignment during the holiday season or beyond, visit the Aequor Talent Portal to browse our open positions and get connected with one of our dedicated recruiters. Be sure to read our article The Personal Touch of Aequor’s Nurse Recruiters, to see how our recruiters are committed to taking good care of their travel nurses.

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