Dec 22, 2023

Advice from an Allied and Therapy Recruiter

advice from an allied & therapy recruiter

Allied & Therapy Recruiter HollyAequor’s team of dedicated allied and therapy recruiters are committed to always looking out for the best interests of their travelers. Allied recruiter Holly enjoys regularly staying in touch with her travelers, and always makes herself available for them to reach out to her. Holly is a veteran recruiter with over 18 years of experience. She is an asset to the Aequor Family and loves the community atmosphere of working with her colleagues. Here are some of Holly’s top tips for allied travelers.


The Aequor App

I recommend downloading the Aequor App and making an account, so you get alerts immediately when a new job is posted in the area you want to work. Then you can send it to your recruiter, so they know you’re interested. While your recruiter will be searching jobs for you multiple times per day, anything you can do to help them help you is a good idea, and speeds up the process of getting you submitted for a job as soon as possible. Another way to secure a great travel job quickly is if you find a posting somewhere else online, send it to your Aequor recruiter, so they can get any extra details from the facility directly.


When allowing a recruiter to submit you to a job, I suggest looking to see if there are any housing options that appeal to you in the particular city or area where the job is located. If there is nothing available, then it might be better to keep looking for different positions. If there are dozens of places to rent, then you can feel better about actually getting into a rental for that particular job. You don’t want to accept a job then have to cancel because you can’t find housing. For more housing advice, check out Aequor’s housing resources articles.

Prior to the Interview

Before agreeing to an interview, be sure that the job’s pay rate is completely acceptable and that your time off requests will be accommodated. In this day and age, managers pick candidates to interview knowing that if an offer is made, there won’t be any surprises regarding pay rate and requested time off. For more interview tips check Aequor’s Interview Tips for Traveling Healthcare Providers.

Pay Package

When you’re going over a pay package with your recruiter make sure to mention any items you may want to be reimbursed for, so they can get you as many tax-free options as possible and make your pay package the best it can be for your situation.


Stay in touch with your recruiter! If they send you a quick note about an opening, try to respond within a few hours if possible. There are usually 10 or more candidates looking at any one job. If you wait until the next day, the job may already be on hold since many facilities do that as soon as they have a few good candidates to consider.

If you’re looking for your next assignment, let one of Aequor’s dedicated recruiters assist you in finding your perfect role. Browse our open positions and get connected with a recruiter like Holly by visiting the Aequor Talent Portal.

Thank you, Holly, for your great advice allied health professionals and therapists! For more tips from Aequor’s recruiters read our Advice from Recruiters article series.

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