Nov 30, 2023

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiters’ Personal Touch

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiters’ Personal Touch

The Aequor family is proud to serve travelers with our outstanding group of Allied Health and Therapy Recruiters. These recruiters are known to use the Aequor personal touch by prioritizing relationships with every allied traveler and travel therapist they work with. Here are a few of our exemplary allied and therapy recruiters who will always have your back through every stage of an assignment.

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiter Tempra

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiters’ Personal TouchTempra is a beloved Aequor Allied and Therapy recruiter. She enjoys working for Aequor because of the family-like culture. “We’re a big family filled with individuals from all walks of life who work together to bring success to ourselves and those around us,” she says. Tempra appreciates that within the Aequor internal team everyone ultimately wants what is best for one another, and that same sentiment and support is brought to all of our travelers.

Tempra has always been a big believer in staying positive and never giving up. She finds that it’s very important to take risks in life and not be fearful of rejection because we can never know the outcome of something unless we try. Tempra uses this attitude when bringing her personal touch to recruiting so she can be a positive force for her travelers and someone they can count on to get them to the finish line. We know Tempra’s travelers appreciate her positive attitude and dedication!

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiter Caitlin

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiters’ Personal TouchCaitlin is a valued member of the Aequor Allied and Therapy recruiting team, which focuses on building real connections in a collaborative and inclusive environment. Working with diverse talents is not just a job—it’s a chance to help clinicians find opportunities that really match their career goals. She says that the positive atmosphere doesn’t just make recruiting more engaging—it allows her to connect with talented individuals on a personal level. For Caitlin, her job is not just about filling roles, it’s about building lasting relationships, which makes recruiting at Aequor a fulfilling career.

A memorable instance for Caitlin was when one of her allied travelers faced an unexpected family emergency that left the traveler uncertain about continuing her current assignment. Caitlin recognized the need for a personal touch and reached out to express her understanding and support. Instead of solely focusing on the professional aspect, they explored potential solutions to accommodate the traveler’s personal needs during this difficult time.

Throughout this journey, the personal touch at Aequor shone through in the genuine care and understanding extended to the traveler. It went beyond managing work, it was about supporting a valued allied traveler during a challenging moment in their life. Working together, they found a temporary solution that allowed the traveler to address her family emergency without jeopardizing professional commitments.

This experience not only assisted the traveler in navigating a tough situation but also strengthened her connection with Aequor, highlighting the company’s commitment to its travelers’ well-being beyond the workplace. We know that building relationships like this is what makes travelers continue coming back to Caitlin!

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiter Holly

Aequor Allied & Therapy Recruiters’ Personal TouchHolly brings 18 years of experience with her to the Aequor Allied and Therapy recruiting team! Holly loves recruiting for Aequor because of the technology that makes her job—and the process for travelers—so easy. She appreciates having a really great support team in her Aequor colleagues who are always available to help and keep her going when things get rough.

Holly’s personal touch in working as a recruiter is her commitment to walking the clinician through the whole process. She is known to be there for them every step of the way by staying in touch with them regularly and going to bat for them when necessary. Holly has had clinicians call her after a bad day and she’s always been there to listen to them vent and help think of ways to make things better or go right to the source and problem solve if needed. Everyone needs a recruiter—and a friend—like Holly!

If you’re an allied health worker or therapist, you can be confident that Aequor’s Allied and Therapy Recruiters have your back! Our family of recruiters is ready to serve you with the Aequor personal touch to ensure you have the best experience from start to finish. If you’re ready to look for your next assignment, visit the Aequor Talent Portal to browse jobs and get in touch with a recruiter like Tempra, Caitlin or Holly today!

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