Dec 15, 2023

Our Education Recruiters Are Masters of the Aequor Personal Touch

Aequor’s dedicated team of Education Recruiters are committed to serving their travelers with Aequor’s signature personal touch. Education travelers on assignment with Aequor can expect open communication, personal relationships and recruiters dedicated to helping every step of the way. Here are a few of Aequor’s devoted recruiters who always are looking out for the best interests of their travelers.

Aequor Education Recruiter Micah

Micah is an integral recruiter for the Aequor Schools team. He enjoys working as a recruiter because it allows him to be social while communicating with his education travelers. Because he has the opportunity to wear many hats, which he says is the perfect way for him to operate efficiently day to day, Micah thrives in his work, especially the Aequor Family’s sense of community and support.

To bring his personal touch to recruiting, Micah admits that he may over communicate with his travelers, but he hopes this allows them to feel safe reaching out to him if they ever need anything. Thank you for your commitment to your travelers and team, Micah! For more advice for education travelers from Micah, check out this article!

Aequor Education Recruiter Sarah

Sarah loves recruiting at Aequor because of the unwavering support from the Aequor family. She enjoys making connections with school travelers all over the country, and always makes sure to keep their relationships fun and friendly. From account managers to candidates and travelers on assignment, Sarah finds that everyone is in a good mood and has a positive, uplifting vibe. Who wouldn’t enjoy this work environment?!

Sarah brings her personal touch to recruiting by striving to make a positive impact in her candidates’ lives, whether they accept a contract with her or not. One example of this is a paraprofessional who Sarah assisted in getting her certification and eventually went on to become a general education teacher. This teacher had such a positive experience that she has sent several referrals to Sarah that have been hired by Aequor as well. Sarah considers this teacher a friend, not just a hire. All education travelers should have a recruiter with a positive attitude like Sarah!

Aequor Education Recruiter Chris

Chris is an education recruiter whose background is actually working in schools, which is an advantage for his candidates! He loves recruiting at Aequor because he’s able to show his personality while building connections at work. One of his favorite things is being able to make a genuine connection with the candidates he works with. He’s proud to fill positions in schools with highly qualified candidates.

Taking pride in the connections he makes and always being available to his travelers are just a few ways Chris brings his personal touch to recruiting. He enjoys being able to navigate the ups and downs of the recruiting process with his candidates, and always provides a listening ear for his school travelers to confide in. And because of his experience working in schools, he has a passion for presenting the best candidates to help the students who need their services. Thank you, Chris, for prioritizing travelers’ and students’ best interests!


If you’re searching for your next school assignment, rest assured that Aequor’s team of Education Recruiters have your back! Our family of recruiters is ready and waiting to serve you with Aequor’s personal touch. Connect with a recruiter like Micah, Sarah or Chris, by visiting the Aequor Talent Portal today!

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