Nov 18, 2023

Making Friends as a Traveling Healthcare Provider

As a travel healthcare professional, you have the unique opportunity to work in different cities, meet new people, and explore new locations. However, making friends as a traveler can be a challenge when you’re frequently changing locations with each new assignment. Here are some tips to help traveling healthcare providers make friends while on the move.

Join Facebook Groups

It has become common for healthcare professionals to make friends and connect with others through social media. For instance, you can join Facebook groups for travel healthcare professionals where you can meet other travelers who are also on the move. These groups provide a platform for sharing advice and tips about traveling while working in healthcare. You can also use these groups to connect with fellow travelers who are working in the same city or facility as you.

Attend Networking Events or Join Meet-Up Groups

Making Friends as a Traveling Healthcare Provider by joining networking groups and meetupsSometimes hospitals and other healthcare facilities organize events and gatherings for their employees. Attending these events can be a great way to meet other staff members or travelers! is also a great resource to connect with locals who have similar interests as you. You can search the website or app for meetups with topics like book clubs, hiking or cooking. For more helpful apps for travelers read our article, Useful Apps for Travel Nurses & Allied Travelers.

Participate in Community Events

Getting involved in community events is another way to make friends as a travel healthcare professional, while also learning more about your new community. A quick search on the city’s website can help you find local events, festivals or volunteer opportunities. This is a great way to check out your temporary city while meeting locals! You never know what kind of unique festival or activity may be happening nearby.

Join a Gym or Fitness Class

making friends as a healthcare traveler by joining a gymJoining a gym can be a great way to stay active and make friends. Many gyms offer classes which can be a fun way to get your workout in while socializing, even if it is over a shared hatred of burpees. Make sure to give gyms in the area a call or check out their websites to see if they offer discounts that you may be able to use.

Talk With Your Recruiter

Aequor staffs travel nurses, allied health workers, locums and more. Ask your recruiter if they can connect you with other travelers who are working nearby, or even at the same facility! Aequor’s dedicated recruiters are happy to offer advice in any way they can. For more recruiter advice, check out our recruiter advice article series.

Making friends as a travel healthcare worker can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Keep an open mind and remember that most people are always looking to make new friends. Creating lasting friendships is possible, even when you’re on the move! If you’re ready to start the search for your next travel position, browse Aequor’s jobs and connect with one of our dedicated recruiters today.

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