Application Support Maintenance

Application Support Maintenance

Application Support and Maintenance

Aequor… Your Application Support Partner

For more than 15 years, we have partnered with clients to provide more than 1,900 Application Support and Maintenance custom solutions, including, but not limited to: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Biomarker Intuitive Tracking, Cell Profiler, Chem Office, GeneData Refiner Genome, GetHelp Mobile Application, iLearn… and many more.

15 years of
custom solutions in
application Support
and Maintenance

ASM Is Critical to Your Company, But How Do You Control Costs?

A recent survey of 300 CIOs from US revealed that ASM now accounts for 38% of a large organizations’ overall IT budget each year. Based on the IT expenditure of Fortune 2000 companies this equates to $11.3 million per organization annually.

Against this backdrop it’s not surprising that IT departments are also finding it increasingly difficult to prioritize application problems and/or service requests. Indeed 88% of the large enterprises surveyed admitted they found prioritization a challenge. At the same time, with IT underpinning a number of business functions, 90% of respondents said that resource and skills restraints were making it difficult to align business and IT objectives.

Why Aequor?

With Aequor’s methodology, we’ll help you manage operational costs, gain insight into your IT and Business process key performance indicators, while accelerating the elimination of incidents and problems. Aequor will improve your user experience, reduce costs and downtime, while helping to increase your overall competitiveness.”

Aequor has the expertise to implement any software development solution through iterative steps of Assessment, Definition, Proof of Concept, Build and Test, and Release Cycles of the specific product or application.

We have well-defined transition models, which deliver rapid-relief, low-risk support for software maintenance needs.
Our software maintenance services comprise:

  • Corrective maintenance error fixes. Adaptive maintenance version changes, statutory changes, certification.
  • Perfective maintenance enhancements and performance tuning.