Energy and Utilities

Solutions and Services for Energy and Utilities

Aequor provides end-to-end IT services, solutions and consulting – making EU organizations more agile, resilient and proactive – while improving customer service and complying with strict and complex regulations.

Aequor’s Energy and Utilities (EU) practice provides endto- end IT services, solutions and consulting to EU organizations to enable them to address business needs and become agile, resilient and proactive. We partner with energy clients for greater efficiency on all fronts, from streamlining supply chains and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and complying with regulations.

To remain cost-competitive, energy organizations are turning to tighter cost controls and better asset utilization. Companies increasingly seek to reduce operating costs, invest in process improvement, optimally utilize existing capacity and increase efficiencies.

Business Value

We enable clients to:

  • Reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiencies
  • Maximize the return and benefit from their existing IT landscape
  • Accelerate revenue growth and enhance portfolio management
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce time and cost to market
  • Align business processes with strategic vision
  • Enhance process tracking and monitoring with a rich analytic dashboard
  • Increase flexibility in global business through an SOA-based architecture
  • Adhere to regulatory and environmental norms

Our end-to-end IT solutions and services comprise IT, consulting, business process outsourcing (BPO) services and our value proposition of Global Delivery Model and unique agile methodologies.

Saving money is
just as important to
energy companies
as it is to consumers.

Staffing Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Aequor is an experienced recruitment and work force solutions firm – committed to matching the very best professional talent with the most current career opportunities in the energy and utilities field. With a large network of skilled professionals and myriad opportunities at top companies, Aequor will help you meet your immediate professional staffing goals… quickly and efficiently.

At Aequor, we deliver value to both the clients we serve – and to the candidates we represent.

If you need to find top energy and utility talent, or…

if you want to realize your career goals in this market… contact us now.

Aequor connects
the best employees
and energy/utilities


At Aequor, we value partner relationships. Our partner network enables us to combine our expertise with innovative technology and software products to deliver customized solutions to our Energy and Utilities clients. Partnerships help us create a rock solid proposition of exceptional performance, reduced costs and business value to each and every client.