Strategic Staffing

Strategic Staffing


Guaranteed Performance

We are an experienced recruitment and work force solutions firm… committed to matching the very best and brightest IT talent with the most exceptional career opportunities available in today’s marketplace.

At Aequor, we specialize in the placement of technology professionals. We provide individuals with proven abilities and industry experience in developing and supporting information systems on a wide range of platforms. Whether you need a network administrator, certified network engineer, project manager, systems integrator, database designer or applications developer, our professionals are all qualified experts.

In fact, we guarantee that our people are qualified. If you’re not completely satisfied with the talent we supply, there’s no charge. Whatever the combination of technical, business and interpersonal skills you need, and no matter how difficult your requirements, we will provide you with the industry’s best professionals – the people with the skills you need.

Many of Aequor Technologies’ Account Executives have strong technology backgrounds themselves in fields such as IS management, software development and systems consulting. Because they know the business, they know your needs and are uniquely qualified to match them with the right consultant for the job.

A strong industry reputation, based on years of
paying meticulous attention to our clients’

Committed to your success.

Our hands-on commitment to your success, knowledge of the technology marketplace and access to technical professionals allow us to provide you with the solutions you’re looking for.

We’re not merely a resource for technology talent, we are a full-service technology consulting firm. Our commitment to your needs, and our ability to respond to your unique requirements promptly, will help power your business to success.

Efficient, cost-effective staffing

Planning your company’s future often requires advice and services from outside firms. These firms supply the tools and talent to stay ahead and increase your profits.

Aequor Technologies efficiently supplements your internal resources with consultants who work with your team to achieve the results your business needs. Their ability to get the job done will save your business time and money.

Efficient, cost-effective staffing

Ensuring the Proper Fit

To ensure a perfect client/consultant
fit, our unique Evaluation Process
measures consultants’ technical
proficiency as well as their
interpersonal skills – often the crucial
difference between doing a job and
doing it right. We guarantee your
complete satisfaction with every
consultant placed by Aequor

Aequor Value Proposition

With a large pool of technical talent and an international resourcing infrastructure, Aequor can respond to the requirements of any client who may need multiple resources at multiple locations.

We Ensure the Proper Fit.

High level evaluation process.
One-on-one, in-person interviews.
In-depth reference check.
Guaranteed satisfaction.

In-person interview

We conduct a structured, one-on-one interview with every prospective consultant. This is not just a cursory procedure, but an integral part of our commitment to providing the highest quality professionals to our clients.

In-depth reference checking

Our commitment and expertise in checking references far exceeds any other firm in the industry. Our systematic approach to gathering information about prospective consultants ensures competent, complete background information each and every time and includes valuable testimonials from previous employers and associates.

Technical evaluation

Every applicant is carefully screened with a unique battery of technical tests designed to ensure working proficiency in each area of claimed expertise.