Jan 26, 2023

What To Pack for A Travel Assignment

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Packing for a travel nursing or allied assignment may seem like a daunting task. Most assignments last between 8-13 weeks, which is a long time to be away from home! Here are some helpful items you don’t want to forget, and some things you may want to leave behind.

Find out what’s included with your rental or hotel.

This can impact what you will need to bring with you. What appliances are available in the kitchen? Will there be dishes and linens stocked? Is there a TV? Will there be a gym or pool that you can use? Knowing the answers to these questions can guide you on what necessities you need to bring with you, and what you don’t need to worry about packing.

Bring a few familiar items.

Think about what might help you feel comfortable while you’re away from home. Maybe your favorite blanket, pillow or some framed family photos you can display. Consider leaving behind irreplaceable or sentimental items, such as heirloom jewelry, that could easily be lost or forgotten in the shuffle of packing.

What will you need for your assignment?

healthcare worker wearing scrubs with stethoscopeAlways bring copies, digital or paper, of your up-to-date resume, vaccinations, licenses and any certifications.  You can conveniently upload all documents into Aequor’s Talent Portal to always have access to them. You will want to bring your personal stethoscope, scrubs (check what is needed for the facility where you will be working), and work shoes.


While packing clothes is a no brainer, there are a few key things to consider while packing a wardrobe for a few months. What will the weather be like in the area you are traveling to? What clothing items do you wear the most? What clothing will you need for any recreational activities? You don’t want to bring your entire closet from home but consider bringing clothes that can easily be layered. You would hate to have to buy duplicates of clothing you left at home should the weather shift.

Toiletries & Daily Necessities

These are two areas where you may be able to scale back when packing. Especially if your luggage is getting full, consider what items you will need when traveling to your destination, and what you can purchase when you get there. While you have plenty of shampoo and cleaning supplies at home, it may be easier to pick up new bottles when you get settled into your rental. Make sure to pack things like prescription medication and eyewear!


small dog with leashIf you’re traveling with a pet, you definitely need to consider what they will need during your stay. Make sure to pack their medication, food dishes, leash, collar and current ID tags. If space doesn’t allow, you can always buy pet food at your destination.

After an assignment, consider making a list of what you brought, what you didn’t use, and what you wish you had packed. This will help you stay organized for future assignments! To find more helpful tips for your next travel healthcare assignment, check out our article 10 Tips for First-Time Travelers.

Looking for your next assignment? Visit Aequor’s Talent Portal to browse available jobs and get connected with a recruiter.

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