Oct 30, 2017

True or False Travel Nursing Quiz


Quiz: How well do you REALLY know how to bust travel nursing myths?

True or False: Travel nurses have to move to a new city every 13 weeks or after their extension ends.

False. Travel nurses can move to different hospitals in the same city if there are opportunities for them to do so.

True or False: Travel nurses cannot spend regular amounts of time at their permanent residence.

False. As long as you travel far enough away to meet the requirements as a travel nurse, many travel nurses can make it back for 3-4 days at a time in between shifts. Just be ready for the commute.

True or False: Travel nurses can be any age.

True. There is no such thing as being “too old” or “too young” to be a travel nurse. There is such a thing, however, as being too inexperienced.

True or False: Travel nurses can be married, but they need to travel alone for the 13 weeks.

False. Spouses that are stay-at-home or have employment flexibility are more than welcome to travel with travel nurses.

True or False: Travel nurses can bring their pets with them on assignment.

True. Of course you can! Your pets will only be a benefit to your new location.

True or False: I can make plenty of money travel nursing and provide stability for my family.

True. Travel nurses are typically paid more per hour than staff nurses and there are plenty of jobs available—especially if you are flexible.

True or False: It is tougher to make friends with staff nurses because they don’t like travel nurses and/or don’t want to get close to people are leaving.

False. It is very rare that travel nurses aren’t welcomed to a hospital. Think of it this way: hospitals ask for travelers because they need help. When was the last time you scoffed at someone who showed up to lighten your load?

True or False: It is harder to get a staff nurse position after taking too many travel assignments.

False. Experience is experience. Nurse managers love nurses who are up for challenges, great team members, flexible, intelligent, and have a broad range of experiences.

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