Mar 01, 2024

The Strength of Connection with Two of Aequor’s Women Leaders

As we celebrate Women’s History Month this March, Aequor would like to recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions of women in leadership roles. At Aequor, we are fortunate to have remarkable women leading the way, shaping the future of our company and inspiring others along the ride. In this special blog post, we’re thrilled to highlight an exclusive interview with two of our exceptional leaders, SJ and Caitlin. Their insights, experiences, and perspectives not only illuminate their personal journeys but also the importance of fostering diverse leadership within our organization and beyond.

Flexibility and Resilience

With over a decade of experience each in healthcare recruiting, Caitlin and SJ have weathered the industry’s highs and lows with unwavering grace. Caitlin’s career includes 12 years in healthcare staffing, from recruiting travel nurses to her current role as VP of Recruiting for Aequor Allied, she has had the agility needed to navigate seismic industry shifts. She recounts her team’s swift adaptation during the COVID-19 crisis, pivoting seamlessly from solely therapy to include all allied specialties to address emerging demands while ensuring client satisfaction and success for the team.

SJ’s 20 years of experience working in healthcare echoes this sentiment. Her career started on the insurance side of healthcare before transitioning to recruiting, where she worked in long-term care but has spent the majority of her career in locum tenens. As the current VP of Aequor Locums, SJ emphasizes the importance of flexibility and a people-centric approach in overcoming challenges and driving success.

Building Team Culture

For Caitlin, the predominantly female makeup of healthcare recruiting has facilitated a deeper connection with her team, enabling her to understand their motivations and aspirations better. SJ, leading a team with a more balanced gender ratio, emphasizes the importance of relationships in driving success. Both leaders attribute their effectiveness to emotional intelligence, enabling them to foster meaningful connections even in remote work settings.

Challenges and Solutions

Both SJ and Caitlin acknowledge the inevitable challenges in the healthcare workforce but stress the importance of resilience and solution-oriented leadership. By creating diverse teams, they leverage a range of perspectives to overcome obstacles and meet the needs of clients and healthcare providers effectively.

Fast-Paced Passion

Passion drives both Caitlin and SJ’s dedication to healthcare staffing, fueled by the exhilarating fast pace and constant evolution of the industry. Caitlin enjoys the ever-changing nature of recruiting, where adapting to shifting demands is essential. For her, the thrill of matching industry needs at any given moment is invigorating. SJ agrees and embraces the fast-paced environment as second nature. She believes that women’s inherent multitasking abilities are a perfect fit for this demanding field, emphasizing the importance of loving what you do to thrive amidst the necessity of juggling multiple responsibilities. Their shared enthusiasm highlights the vital role of passion in providing excellent healthcare staffing services.

Gender Dynamics in Healthcare Staffing

Reflecting on the predominance of women in recruitment, both leaders highlight the innate strengths that women bring to the table—qualities such as empathy, multitasking, and relationship building. Caitlin finds the relatability between predominantly female recruiters and female clinicians is an advantage in allied health. SJ emphasizes that the trust and confidence forged through authentic connections is what makes for successful relationships in the world of locum tenens.

In celebrating Women’s History Month, we applaud the exemplary leadership of SJ and Caitlin, whose resilience, adaptability, and empathy epitomize the powerful impact of women in leadership. Their insights not only shed light on the intricacies of healthcare staffing but also the importance of diversity, inclusion, and emotional intelligence in driving organizational success. Thank you, SJ and Caitlin, for providing valuable insights into the experiences and triumphs of women in leadership roles at Aequor.

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