Sep 01, 2017

Ten Things You Never Say to a Travel Nurse

  1. “So you’re not a real nurse?”
Of course we are real nurses. They don’t just hand out that title for free…
  1. “Oh! You’re like a ‘temp’!”
Nope, not a temp. I will temporarily be filling a very full-time position for a substantial amount of time.
  1. “Since you’ve never done this HERE before…”
I may have a question early on about the locations of supplies, a tab in a chart, minor hospital questions, etc. as any new hire would, but I know policy and procedure and have performed the skills required to care for all of my patients on the unit before I took this position.
  1. “Did you even orient?”
Yes, I did. I know the charting systems and need-to-know information to be a competent nurse at this hospital.
  1. “Are you shadowing a nurse before taking your own patients?”
No, I am not a new graduate. I am not a new nurse. I am just new here. Same practice, different hospital.
  1. “I’d invite you, but you’re leaving soon”
It is okay to protect yourself from getting too close to someone you know is going to leave, but it isn’t okay to be rude or exclusive. 13 weeks is a long time, and a lot of travel nurses extend. Be a friend.
  1. ‘I’d like to have an experienced nurse”
Travel nurses are required to have experience before accepting a position. They are experienced nurses.
  1. “Is your husband/wife okay with you doing this?”
If I am here, he/she is fine with it. Travel nursing is an adventure, not a restraint, and many travel nurses travel with their spouse.
  1. “Don’t you want a family?”
Travel nursing does not prevent you from having a family or having stability within your life. There are plenty of viable options to have both and still pursue the dream.
  1. “Are you a safe nurse moving around all of the time?”
The orientation ensures that I am a safe nurse. My skills, intelligence, and experiences travel with me.

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