Jan 16, 2024

Shanti N. Patel, MD: Aequor Locums Distinguished Provider

In the dynamic world of healthcare, the role of locum tenens physicians has become increasingly crucial, providing flexibility and expertise where it’s needed the most. Among these dedicated professionals, Dr. Shanti N. Patel stands out as our first Aequor Locums Distinguished Provider of 2024.

Dr. Patel enjoys providing exceptional patient care as a hospitalist for the myriad opportunities to help people in need with differing social and medical challenges. As a locum tenens provider, he navigates diverse medical environments, seamlessly integrating into different hospital settings, while working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams. Dealing with multiple systems like this keeps his knowledge and experience current in various areas of patient care, such as renal, respiratory and neurology.

One of Dr. Patel’s remarkable qualities is his adaptability, which is complimentary to the flexible nature of locum tenens work. Better pay and the ability to plan his own schedule allows him to indulge in one of his favorite free-time passions—travel. In addition to regularly visiting family in India for extended stays, he has explored the museums, mosques and underground caves of Istanbul; had loads of fun in Dubai and the Dominican Republic; and spent two months touring Europe.

Understanding that a locum tenens career may not seem ideal for everyone, Dr. Patel has some sound advice for those new to or considering locums:

  1. Be clear with yourself and your recruiter about what you want and don’t want regarding assignments.
    1. Consider the number of shifts you’re willing to work each month.
    2. What types of facilities and responsibilities are most attractive to you? In what other areas would you like to gain experience?
    3. Ask yourself: Am I willing to travel? How far and for how long?
  2. When starting a new assignment, try to pick up 8-10 shifts within the first few weeks at the facility to get used to the new system and build connections with staff and other providers.

We thank Dr. Patel for this advice and for his kind words about the Aequor Locums team. He says that he has greatly appreciated the professionalism, upfront transparency, open communication and prompt responsiveness of his recruiter, credentialing specialist and support staff. This is what we like to hear!

As the Aequor Locums Distinguished Provider for January 2024, Dr. Shanti Patel serves as an inspiration to all of us in the locum tenens community. His dedication to providing high-quality care to patients in various locations makes him a shining example of the positive impact that locum tenens physicians can have on healthcare systems across the country. Dr. Patel’s positive impact on the communities he serves is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, adaptability, and compassionate service.

Congratulations to Dr. Patel for this well-deserved recognition, and here’s to continued success in his noble pursuit of healing and caring for those in need.

Does the high pay and flexibility a career in locum tenens sound good to you? Let Aequor help you get started. Browse our current locum tenens opportunities, click apply and a recruiter will reach out to you.

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