Feb 12, 2024

Free Money Managing Resources for Travelers

Free Money Managing Resources for Healthcare Travelers

Navigating Finances on the Road

Navigating Finances on the RoadManaging finances on the road, for travel healthcare professionals, can present unique challenges. Fortunately, there are numerous free webinars, apps, and resources available to help travelers navigate their financial journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore some valuable tools and insights that can empower you to effectively manage your money.

Free Apps for Budgeting and Expense Tracking


As professionals who frequently move between assignments, travelers often incur mileage expenses that are crucial for tax deductions and reimbursements. Stride is a free app that simplifies the process of tracking and recording mileage effortlessly.

Good Budget

GoodBudget is a versatile, free budgeting app that enables travel nurses and healthcare travelers to create and manage budgets. Based on the old “envelope system,” the app allows users to allocate funds for various spending categories, providing a clear picture of where their money is going. With real time syncing across multiple devices, healthcare travelers and their partners can stay on the same financial page, even when managing finances from different locations.


For those who need to keep meticulous records of healthcare-traveling expenses, Expensify streamlines the process. The free version of this app allows users to scan in receipts for safe keeping. This is beneficial for travelers who want to keep stipend-related expenses in one place for tax time!

Free Webinar for Travel Healthcare Tax Information

Tax Talk: Exploring the Tax Strategies of Healthcare Professionals on the Go

Travel Healthcare Tax InformationThis webinar, which was originally hosted by The Gypsy Nurse, features Joseph Smith, a tax professional. He guides viewers through the ins and outs of travel healthcare taxes, including what forms and receipts to save, as well as what not to do on your travel healthcare taxes. For more information about preparing for your taxes as a travel healthcare professional, be sure to check out our article, Tax Tips for Healthcare Travelers.

Advice From Fellow Travelers

Facebook Communities and Groups

Joining online communities and groups on social media provides a platform for sharing experiences and seeking advice. Fellow travel healthcare professionals often discuss financial tips, such as where to find cost effective housing for assignments and navigating stipends.

“The Gypsy Nurse” Blog

In addition to community forums, travel nurses can find valuable financial insights on “The Gypsy Nurse” blog. This reputable platform offers a wealth of articles and resources dedicated to addressing the unique financial challenges faced by travel nurses, often written by fellow travelers. Explore their finance articles to access expert insights and stay informed about the latest trends and tips in managing your finances as a travel nurse.

Managing finances effectively Managing finances effectively is key to a successful and stress-free travel healthcare experience. By utilizing some of these free resources, travelers can more confidently navigate the financial aspects of their rewarding career on the road. Be sure to check out Aequor’s financial series for travelers for more tips and information on navigating money as a travel healthcare professional.

If you’re ready for your next travel assignment visit the self-service Aequor Talent Portal to browse open positions and get connected with one of our dedicated recruiters. Stay informed and make the most of the available tools to achieve financial success while enjoying the adventures of travel nursing.

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