Oct 19, 2020

Experience with Aequor – Mona Laverdure

My name is Mona and I have been an ER/ICU Nurse since 2003. I worked as a new grad/staff  nurse right after graduating from my school, San Diego State University (SDSU) and a year and half later I started my voyage as a travel nurse. If anyone asked me my opinion on travel nursing the very first thing they would hear from me is how much I learned and how it helped me to broaden my nursing knowledge and experience through my travels. 

After 4 years of travel nursing I decided to return home and work as staff, knowing that I would get back to my advantures once again when the timing is right .. and years later when I felt ready again I started with a thorough reasearch on different travel agencies.. afterall, I was a seasoned nurse by then and I knew exactly what I wanted and what I needed. I decided to contact Aequor Nursing, my travel nurse agency that I used to travel with and what made me so strong and confident about contacting them again was what I found through my researches on different companies. Aequor was named as the 5th ranked Travel Nursing agency by neutral site Blue Pipes! A very proud designation as the company has worked very hard to make sure that they provide the best level of customer service to the nurses throughout their assignments. Next day I contacted Aequor as a returning client , hoping to get connected to a recruiter as honost, to the point and caring as my first ever recruiter from Aequor. The very next morning I got a call from Ms. Paula Harrington and we spend some time to learn about each other. She told me about her years of experience with nurses and she learned about me, my family, my preferences and needs.. 

Every nurse is unique in a different way, in what they can offer and through what is available for them. This changes from individual to individual and from one facility to another . Paula listened to me and provided me with every availability as well as their pros and cons based on my unique situation. Shortly after I was contacted for an interview and was offered a job that matched me and my criteria perfectly.  Paula also helped guide me through the process of getting my compliances in order, also with the help of Stacie Klienhans from the compliance department, they made it easier for me to complete what was do during the short period of time I was given before I started my new assignment. In the meantime, Logan Frank, the director of Aequor contacted me to introduce himself and to congratulate me on my new adventure.. I was also contacted by Nick Kosareff RN, DON with a warm welcome and his contact information as a resource nurse in case I ever had any questions with education or clinicals . 

I truly believe that one of the primary reasons myself and so many other nurses who have started with, remained with or returned to Aequor is the true fact that they are a “people centered organization”: they honor us as a nurse and a partner and truly take care of us as their own. 

Thank you Paula Harrington for helping me experience another amazing assignment with Aequor, and thank you to all the supporting staff who have made my journey as pleasant as possible .

Cheers to many more travels and experiences together !! 

Mona Laverdure, RN. BSN 

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