Dec 08, 2023

Debunking Travel Nursing Myths: Part 2

We have already dispelled the myths around traveling with pets, age limits on travel nursing and job security for travel nurses. However, there are a few more misconceptions that may prevent some nurses from taking the leap into the travel nursing world. If you’re letting fear of the unknown prevent you from a more adventurous and flexible career, read on to find more travel nursing myths that we can debunk.

Myth: You cannot be a travel nurse with a young family.

Being a travel nurse with a family is absolutely possible and increasingly common. While it does require some additional planning and considerations, as most things with children do, many travel nurses successfully balance work life and family while traveling. What about school, childcare and family housing? Check out’s articles, Tips on Travel Nursing with Children and Tips for Travel Nursing as a Single Mom.

At Aequor, our dedicated recruiters are equipped to help you find assignments that accommodate your family’s unique needs. Exploring new areas and visiting amazing sites with your family can be an exciting adventure for all!

Myth: Travel nursing assignments are never close to home.

While the nature of travel nursing includes relocating to different areas, it’s not accurate that assignments are never close to home. Although to qualify as a travel nurse and receive meals and housing stipends, you must be at least 50 miles away from your primary residence, there are surely travel nursing opportunities available at healthcare facilities in your region. Many travel nurses choose to take assignments in states and cities close to home or near extended family to be near loved ones. Keep an open mind and let your Aequor recruiter know your preferred areas for your next assignment, and you’ll be able to find opportunities closer to home and family.

Myth: Listing multiple short-term assignments will not look good on a resume.

Quite to the contrary, a variety of travel nursing assignments can greatly enhance your resume! As a travel nurse, you’ll be exposed to diverse patient populations, different health systems, and new medical practices, which will boost your professional growth and skills development. Employers value a diverse skill set that has been acquired during various assignments. These experiences demonstrate your adaptability, flexibility and ability to quickly acclimate to a new role, all of which are seen as assets to healthcare employers.


We hope that debunking a few more of the myths surrounding travel nursing will help clinicians feel more excited about pursuing this rewarding career. If you’re ready to search for your first assignment or if you’re a seasoned traveling veteran, Aequor’s family of recruiters are ready to help you! For more tips for first time travelers, check out our article, 10 Tips for First-Time Travelers.

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