Feb 27, 2024

Aequor Honored Clinician: Lisa Breakey, MA, SLP

In the world of speech language pathology, there are individuals whose dedication transcends the profession—they become beacons of hope, catalysts for change, and unwavering advocates for those in need. Lisa Breakey is exactly this, and Aequor is proud to name her one of our honored clinicians. With a career spanning nearly five decades, Lisa has not only helped shape the landscape of speech therapy but has also touched countless lives with her expertise and compassion. Since the start of her career, Lisa has amassed a wealth of accomplishments, earning recognition for her exceptional skill and tireless dedication. For the past 20 years, Lisa has been an integral part of the Aequor family, where her impact has been nothing short of transformative.

Aequor Honored Clinician - Lisa Breakey, SLPOne of Lisa’s most poignant encounters unfolded during an assignment in the San Jose mountains. There, she met a man who had endured a devastating motorcycle accident, leaving him without a tongue. Despite the daunting challenge, Lisa resolved to help him regain his ability to speak. With unwavering determination, she put him in contact with a progressive doctor who assisted with reconstruction of his mouth and tongue. Through her steadfast dedication, Lisa never wavered in her pursuit of the goal. When their time together concluded, the man was preparing to head to college. Years later, he reached out to Lisa with updates on his new family and professional career—a testament to the transformative impact she had on his life. This miraculous story serves as one of many examples of the profound difference Lisa has made in the lives of those she encounters.

Beyond her remarkable patient interactions, Lisa’s influence extends far within the realm of speech language pathology. With an impressive array of presentations and publications to her credit, she has actively contributed to the advancement of her field. From serving as president of the California Speech Language Hearing Association from 1995-1997 to her time as president of the California Speech Pathologists and Audiologists in Private Practice Association from 1983-1985, Lisa’s leadership has left a permanent mark. Her advocacy efforts have also resonated on a national level, as she represented California as a legislative representative for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. In a memorable instance, she courageously stood as the sole healthcare representative among education focused peers, championing a rule she deemed clinically necessary. Lisa says that this experience proved to her that one voice can make an enormous difference.

Aequor Honored Clinician - Lisa Breakey, SLPAn essential factor that has anchored Lisa to Aequor, previously TheraStaff, for the past two decades is the presence of outstanding recruiters. In particular, she holds her current recruiter, Sarah, in high esteem for her exceptional professionalism and attentiveness. Whether lending a sympathetic ear during challenging assignments or facilitating seamless transitions, Sarah’s support has been invaluable to Lisa. Their relationship is characterized by mutual respect and trust, with Lisa referring multiple SLPs to Sarah as a testament to their strong bond. Lisa describes their collaboration as “a beautiful working relationship from the beginning,” cherishing the consistent positivity and affirmation she receives from Sarah. Both Sarah and Lisa plan to keep in touch during her retirement.

Aequor Honored Clinician - Lisa Breakey, SLPAs her retirement nears, Lisa looks forward to indulging her passion for travel. Exciting adventures await, including a journey to the majestic Grand Canyon, complete with planes, trains, taxis, and accommodations perched on the canyon’s edge. She’s also planning an exciting trip to Barcelona, Spain. Lisa knows that with her extra time she will enjoy making more memories with her many children and grandchildren. Despite the allure of leisurely pursuits, Lisa acknowledges that retirement may pose challenges, as she is accustomed to being an achiever and reaching goals. Because she wants to keep her toes in the SLP arena, Lisa plans to work a few hours a week for a local facility. She knows she’ll never fully give up being a speech language pathologist because she enjoys her work so much.

Beyond her accolades and achievements lies a fundamental belief that has guided Lisa throughout her career—the understanding that in this profession, one serves people above all else. It’s this ethos that has fueled her commitment to improving the lives of those she encounters, empowering them to communicate with confidence, dignity and joy. Aequor applauds you Lisa, for an incredible career and commitment to serving others. It’s easy to see why Lisa is one of Aequor’s most loved honored clinicians.

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