Apr 15, 2022

A Passion for Travel Nursing

I am an experienced Emergency Room Traveler, who loves embracing every team I join. I am enthusiastic about education both for myself, peers and patients. I enjoy the challenges that the ER provides, but also the exploration and relaxation that comes with my days off at travel locations. Nursing is a passion for me and I’ve learnt so much, made so many friends, and saved some lives along the way. I can’t wait to see where the next assignment takes me.

Currently in Marietta, GA. Level 2 Trauma Center.

With over 18 years of ER/Trauma nursing and over 12 years of travel nursing, I am also a SANE, Nurse Advocate, CLNC, and working on my certification to be a holistic health and wellness coach (currently accepting new clients). I have my eternal travel buddy/fur baby Jasper Grayson who keeps me company. I have been blessed to explore the world and experience things that only dreams are made of. I look forward to continuing my wanderlust and being my most authentic self.

~ Tammy Santoro, BSBA, RN, SANE, CLNC

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