Nov 16, 2017

5 Ways Travel Nursing Enhances Your Life

1. Time

Travel nursing is known for the ability to give you back the freedom of time. Your assignments are typically only 13 weeks long, and you choose when they are. That means you have the ability to plan around special events, holidays, seasons, and anything else that is important to you. You don’t have to hope that someone will cover your Christmas shifts this year so you can see your family. YOU can plan your assignment and take the entire week off if you want! Time is everything. It is time that you started controlling your own.

2. Money

Travel nurses only exist in facilities that have needs. When a hospital or facility’s ability to run properly depends on you working there, they tend to pay more for your services. Travel nurses are often paid more than staff nurses. In California, travel nurses are paid exponentially higher with many assignments paying upwards of $100/hr.

3. Experience

Yes, you gain more nursing experience through being a travel nurse but that is not what we are talking about. The experiences that you gain from moving from location to location is so valuable! With travel nursing you can make new friends, see the top cities in America, experience new food and culture, and sightsee as part of your day job. You can choose how often you move around, so if you really like one area you can stay for a while longer or take off to Hawaii!

4. Growth

Travel nurses are required to have multiple certifications, but they are also given the opportunity to acquire more certifications through their agencies, hospitals, and facilities. Not only will you grow in your certifications and skills, but you will be learning multiple hospital systems. This makes you an incredible candidate for hire and all points in your career. You can never know too much!

5. Family

This one is important to us. Travel nursing gives you so many opportunities for family. You can spend more time with your family during off- hours because you control your time, you can bring your family with you on assignment and show them the incredible new location (great learning opportunities!), and you can take assignments in locations where your distant relatives live. It is such a wonderful way to bring you closer to all the people you love, without having to pay extra for planning vacations.

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