Dec 20, 2017

4 questions about travel nursing on Holidays

1. What if I don’t want to work on the Holidays?

You don’t have to! One of the biggest perks of travel nursing is that YOU choose when you take assignments and what big life events you need off from work. However, just be sure to read your contract fully, as some hospitals have holiday requirements for travelers. At the end of the day, the choice is still yours!


2. Why should I work on the Holidays if it is offered to me?

Often for travelers, a large bonus accompanies working on Holidays. Maybe you want to work! You might not have plans and can rake in big money instead. If you are flexible and would rather have an increased pay for a shift, you have that option too.


3. Is there anything special for travelers around the Holidays?

You can decide where you want to be for the Holiday season. You can choose a vacation destination and relish the climate or pick an assignment as close to home as possible. Consider the weather, events, and company when picking a Holiday assignment. This is a huge perk!


4. What if I want the Holiday pay, but I don’t want to miss the Holiday altogether?

We recommend just picking another day to celebrate! You can try to set something up with the coworkers who are joining you at work on the holiday or celebrate a few days before/after with company of your choice. You can also bring the holiday to the nurse’s station! It might surprise you how meaningful you can make work celebrations.

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