Apr 27, 2017

18 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel to California

  1. The food is too fresh111
  2. There are only 840 miles of coastline and beaches222
  3. It is always sunny out333
  4. There are too many In-n-Out Burger joints around444
  5. Taco Tuesday must happen every Tuesday555
  6. The desert, a snowy mountain, and the beach shouldn’t be close enough to each other to visit all three in one day666
  7. Celebrities are running around everywhere recklessly777
  8. It is worrisome to drive around so many nice cars888
  9. You must root for too many sports teams999
  10. People invite you to wineries and breweries all the time100000
  11. You have to be careful not to get lost in the 9 national forests1111111111
  12. There are too many happy kids at Disneyland122222222222
  13. There are so many Ubers and Lyfts around that you can’t even finish your drink before they arrive13333333333
  14. The ocean is too cold14444444444
  15. The Pinkberry isn’t calorie free15555555555555
  16. There’s weird stuff everywhere1666666666
  17. There are dogs all over the place177777777777777
  18. People are too active and outdoorsy18888888888

 See, don’t move to California. But if you still want to, and you’re a travel nurse, visit aequor.com for more information.

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