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Enterprise Mobile Apps

Enterprise Mobile Apps

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For companies interesting in getting the most out of the their app projects, Aequor has a proven track record of delivering highly user-centric, innovative, and rapidly developed solutions. Over the years Aequor has gained significant expertise in developing mobile applications for various enterprise and consumers needs. SiliconIndia named us a “Top 100 Mobile Apps Development Vendors.”

Rapid Prototype Process

We have the unique ability to capture ideas and concepts
and transform them into a UI prototype within one week –
opening up a new level of visualization that will quickly
bring your “dream app” to life. Our “rapid prototype process”
is an effective way to reduce time-to-market, while optimizing
costs and maximizing User Adoption.

Services and Solutions

At Aequor, we provide solutions for a variety of devices starting from smartphones to
tablets on iOS, Android and Windows Phone (Multi-platform Deployment).

We help clients make the right choice for business strategy, options of platforms, technologies, frameworks and devices.

Our dedicated user-experience design team is committed to leveraging the unique native capabilities of each device platform.

Our technology teams work to ensure the precise security is built in.

And, we provide expert post deployment support, maintenance and enhancements.

Aequor has been
named one of
The Top 100 Mobile
Apps Development
Companies by

Why Aequor

Mobile Applications are the essential tools for effective business in today’s world – whether it is for: building customer relations; sales applications for reps in the field; business applications for labs and manufacturing plants; or analysis tools for effective decision making. As an experienced Enterprise Mobile Applications firm, Aequor Technologies has a proven track record in mobile app development for companies in the Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Media, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare industries.

Aequor’s accomplishments are a result of a unique ability to capture and interpret a company’s ideas and concepts and transform them into a UI prototype quickly – and that helps companies reduce time-to-market mobile app development – while optimizing costs and maximizing User Adoption.

Aequor App Store

Aequor App Store